Here is some information about the young governors.

Our email address is

The Young Governors work with the adult Governors to make Millbrook a wonderful place to learn.

Each class votes for 2 pupils to represent their views in school. Some other children are then invited to join the Young Governors to help the younger children.

Quotes from members:

 Megan in Y6 says' I have never had this role before and am looking forward to a challenge. I will make sure that my class mates views are considered fairly.'

Harry in Y6 says ' I am extremely proud to be a Young Govenor and pleased as well. This is a result of being able to help our school and to improve the equipment we have.'


This year's focus is 'The Eco Award'

We have just completed an audit around school looking at how well we recycle and reuse material 

and how well we save energy. The use of energy is the first main area on which we will be focusing.

We are about to plant acorns to work on biodiversity in our school grounds. 

Keep a look out here for further news.