Primary School Admission Process September 2019-20

The Local Authority decides our pupil admissions - parents/carers should contact the Local Authority to find out details of the process for applying for a school place for their child by clicking on the link below

Applying for a reception class place for 2019


Parents/carers who would like their child to come to Millbrook are welcome to visit the school at any time.

During the summer term each year, after places have been allocated, there is an evening meeting when parents and carers are invited to school to meet representatives of the whole school community. Prior to this meeting parents and carers are sent a booklet containing relevant information about the school and details of the starting arrangements. Parents are also invited to very informal workshops with their children and the Reception Class staff.

Determined Admission Arrangements

By clicking on the link below you can view the Local Authority determined admission arrangements:

Determined admission arrangements for 2019-2020