Vision – the destination

We want to give our children roots and wings - roots that go deep into the heart of their community and wings to imagine, aspire and dream.

We want our children to have ambitions, to enjoy their childhood, to give joy to others and with their families to prepare for great futures.


Mission – the route

By our work we will

  • sustain the school’s excellent reputation in the community of Shevington
  • collaborate with other schools and in particular our Federation partner Shevington Vale for the benefit of the children
  • contribute to the community through joint projects

 And regardless of the children’s level of ability, health, gender, race or background, we will:

  • provide them with an outstanding curriculum and opportunities to grow, improve and      excel
  • provide them with outstanding care, guidance and support for their learning and their personal development
  • enrich their learning with exciting, interesting experiences both in and beyond school including rich opportunities to experience and learn in the arts and sports
  • teach them about their own community and what makes it special
  • help them to develop the life skills of confidence, independence, tolerance and resilience in the face of challenges
  • teach them to use technology wisely
  • teach them what they need to know to make healthy choices
  • teach them a modern foreign language
  • teach them about the wider world to stimulate interest in global affairs and to encourage high aspirations

Our Values underpin all that we do

  • We value respect for everyone
  • care and concern for others
  • tolerance of our own ideas and those of others
  • good manners
  • justice and fairness
  • everyone having a voice that is heard
  • feeling safe and protected